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It’s been time to do something with my locs for a while. I was gonna wash and retwist them three weeks ago but I had gotten sick and was too weak to raise my arms*. Plus I was holding out turning on the heat and my house was way too cold for that nonsense. Then I was gonna wash and retwist them two weeks ago but I was busy at work planning programs which had very little attendance**. Last week was gonna be the week; The Bee and I were in a parade and all, but there just was not time. Then my hair was so nasty and dirty that it started to kind of look good and I was lulled into a false sense of security. But I caught a glimpse of myself and thought “Sweet Baby Jesus! Which asylum did that woman escape from?” I promptly waved a white flag, tapped the mat and sent a message to Kiah, the lady who does The Bee’s hair, and scheduled an appointment for myself.


This new growth tho’!

Let me tell you…I hate, HATE, HAAAAATE paying to get my hair done. Part (a lot) of it is that I am cheap. Way back when I was getting my hair done on a regular basis I paid so much money to salons that I could have probably put myself through cosmetology school (you know if I had the aptitude but whatevs). I never felt like I was being educated enough about what to do with my hair and I was just not the best at taking care of my relaxed/shorn/braided locs. Also, I don’t like sitting for so long. It’s one thing for my slow fingers to fumble around my locs for hours while I’m doing my hair, it’s a complete other thing to have somebody spend five, six, seven hours or more messing around in my hair while I sit, sit, sit.

No thank you.

So I have been sending The Bee to get her hair done as I totally did not get the hair gene as evidenced here and resisted scheduling an appointment for me. After participating in Scarfvember I realized that there is no need to apologize for wanting to look good and I can and should and deserve getting my hair done. And I did.

I sent a text message to Kiah to see what she had available and then I waited. When she didn’t answer I almost talked myself out of pursuing the appointment. The fates intervened when I ran into her sister at a movie theater. Her sister must have mentioned that she saw me because the next thing you know I was in the books.

Appointment time…I will skip over every detail but let me tell you my hair was washed and massaged and it just so good to not be doing it myself. As Kiah twisted each loc I was reminded that it is totally fine and OK to take care of myself. That I love bits and pieces of salon life and it was totally fine to have Rachee time.

As I shared my weird and wild whines about getting my hair done, Kiah shared with me her love of doing people’s hair, something she started at ten years old. Kiah mentioned that doing her made her confidence soar. She always has such a can do attitude and she says her clients fuel her when they put their hair in her hands.

I cheerfully co-sign because she twisted and reshaped me to this:



Like what you see? Give Kiah some play. She can be reached at 215-300-0270 for an appointment.



*I think I had the flu. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

** Grr…my work program was just grrr…a


I look good. Thank you Kiah!


New hair, new scarf…yes baby!







Like what you see? Give Kiah some play. She can be reached at 215-300-0270 for an appointment.



*I think I had the flu. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

** Grr…my work program was just grrr…a


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  1. Emmy says:

    It does look good! I like it! The longest I have ever been at a salon was 4 hours and that was for a simple up-do, the girl had no clue what she was doing and I ended up being late to a black-tie event, I was not a happy camper.

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