About Me: Who is Rachée?

Who is Rachée?  (rachee@sayitrahshay.com)

Yes, Rah-shay.
Maybe Ruh-shay.
But not Ruh-chey. Rah-chee, Ray-shay.
Not Rachel. Not Roxanne.
Say it, “Rah-shay.”
This space has evolved since I started blogging many moons ago. I write a little but about a lot of things but lately I have been writing the most about running and Chronic Kidney Disease.
About running:
You can read the whole story here but just know that one day I had enough of sound like Darth Vader and tried this thing called running. Now I have a love/hate affair with running and fitness. I love the results but your girl still struggles to embrace that 5am alarm.
About CKD…Chronic Kidney Disease. 
You can read more about that here and here. In a nutshell, my family carries a gene that causes my kidneys to fail. And they are failing. My kidneys that is.
I am on the hunt for a living donor and hope that you would consider amplifying my story or even getting tested.
I still wear many a hat, (knitted and crochet usually by moi!) and they include:
  • I’m still a library chick.
  • Book lover, although since the pandemic my reading is feast or famine.
  • Balancing that sandwich generation as I am mom to my young adult, The Bee, and daughter to Mom.
  • Twin to this my sis, who was my sometime wannabe blogging partner. (Now we just take cooking classes and buy too many tacos).
  • Still an avid trash TV watcher…I usually live tweet my shows over on the Twitter
  • Student. I am FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY finishing up my degree! The end is soooooo close!
  • Mostly Meatless. Still working on this one.

Drop me a line at rachee@sayitrahshay.com and let me know how we can connect!

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