Look Better Naked

My motivation for working out was to look better naked and while I love my healthy lifestyle, I still want to Look Better Naked.

THAT photo

In which I decide that 5 am is still early but *NOT* too early.  One of my outreach classes gifted me a photo of me doing storytime and, baaaaaybee, I need an old priest, a young priest, the power of the heart-shaped herb, and a new training plan because oooooh hell no; I hardly recognize myself! When I examined the…

Flexy February ’24

The renal team has cleared me to workout and I have been slowly trying to make a plan and do what makes sense for me.

Philadelphia Distance Run

In which I become an ambassador for the Philadelphia Distance Run! The PDR team asked me to be on the team and I was all: via GIPHY When I threw my hat into the ring to be a part of the first Philadelphia Distance Run Ambassador team, I was planning on doing the half. Two years ago I ran the…

100 Days of Summer Something

…after a mini pity party, in which many pints of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream were consumed, a new plan was formed. Instead of 100 Days of Summer Running were doing 100 Days of Summer Something.

Flexy February

Running into February with a new mindset and new goals. 

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