December Goals

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Today, December 1st, starts on a Sunday which makes me smile. I love the idea of a month starting on a Sunday, whcih is the start of MY week. There is something so orderly about a month (or year!) starting out on a Sunday.

Anywho, instead of bemoaning the lack of fitness progress from last month here are my goals for December:

dec goals


1. Get to the gym twice a week.

My Planet Fitness membership just sits and sits. “It’s only ten dollars a month” is what I tell myself so that I won’t feel bad about not going but c’mon! That is actually $120 a year, lots of yarn! Really, I have my bag packed, IN THE CAR, a sweatshirt and shower stuff. No excuses.

2. Run with BGR, Black Girls Run.

During the summer I was all about running with them twice a week and I felt so good! I loved running with the group, pacing myself, not being alone. And then one day it  was too hot, it rained, I started back at the college and now I’m all pshaw! My sister runs with them at the unheard of hour of too damn early. I suppose if she can crawl out of bed I can too.

3. 30 Day Squat challenge

I’m not sure why I never finish this one…perhaps I don;t want to see my booty wurk? In any event, I’ve added this to my morning routine, post coffee and pre-shower. The contingency plan for the days I oversleep or just can’t get them in, evenings while I am watching whatever it is that I’ve been watching on the TV.



4. Drink more water

This one is not too difficult but I have noticed that I have been slacking. I gave up sodas earlier in the year and was doing well. Then I started sipping colas and became hooked again. I will keep my bottles with me at all times and sip accordingly.

5. Eat more fruits and veggies

I’m feeling like the world’s worst mother! I went to pack lunch one day and realized that I had no fruits and veggies. NONE! Not even an old dried up apple. The last few trips to the market found me grabbing quick snacks, why can’t fruits or veggies be added to this list? Whenever someone offers me fruit I’l happily chomp but I have none in my home! I’ll be visiting my Bottom Dollar during lunch to stock up on fruits and veggies for snackage.

So; that’s my plans for December. Doable, possible yet a challenge for my sedentary ways.

What say you all? Any December goals to end the year with more energy and better skin?

Let me know!
Lacing up my sneakers,


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  1. Janeane Davis says:

    Sounds like a doable list! Go girl you can do it!!!!!!

  2. Raya Buffy Fagg says:

    Hey! What do you mean if I can crawl out of bed you can too?

  3. Raya Buffy Fagg says:

    Hey! What do you mean if I can crawl out of bed you can too?

  4. Nicole says:

    If you have any tips on keeping workout motivation during winter, please share! I set a goal of losing 25 pounds with smart eating choices and working out at least three times per week and I just can’t seem to get started.

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