I Rock Locs

When I returned to the college I work at part time debuting my new hair, one of the students called me Whoopi Goldberg. After we got into it (he is doing some weird scraggly beard thing that I had to give him what for about) he moved on and I thought about what was bothering me. It’s not the Whoopi…

The Hair Struggle in Memes

I got my hair done today and as always, Khia did the thing. I always pinky swear promise that I am NOT going to let my hair get to the point where I look like I am a fugitive but best laid plans and all… Anywho, here is a post in memes about the hair struggle: Stages of hair twisting: You…

Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Hair Can Be Yours with Motions for #UrsulaforMotions

No matter what type of hair type or texture you may have, Motions products will keep your hair looking as strong and beautiful as you are, enabling you to achieve a unique style that is all your own!

Makeover Monday: Naturally Handsome Hair

  It’s been time to do something with my locs for a while. I was gonna wash and retwist them three weeks ago but I had gotten sick and was too weak to raise my arms*. Plus I was holding out turning on the heat and my house was way too cold for that nonsense. Then I was gonna wash…