Move Those Muscles


In which breaking up, while hard to do, is motivation. It’s been about two weeks since Effin Guy and I parted ways. I wish I could tell you that I’m all, “It’s cool! Things are great!” I am actually struggling with more feelings that I really care to admit. It’s difficult not to feel rejected, […]

Original Series Premiering on @Netflix in June

SEE WHAT’S NEXT JUNE 2015 What to watch? This June get ready for new things to watch on Netflix! There will premieres of FIVE original shows; here is what’s on tap.   SENSE8 6/05/15 One gunshot, one death, one moment out of time that irrevocably links eight minds in disparate parts of the world, putting them in each other’s lives, each […]

The Illusion of More


Last week I was to meet a friend for lunch after attending an event in Philly. The event provided lunch, which I partook in and then I had some free time before I met up with her. My norm would have been to eat at the event and to eat again once we met up. Instead of eating two meals in […]

On the Needles: The Gnome Hat


A few weeks ago I added some Crystal Palace Cuddles to my yarn stash. It’s an acrylic yarn but oh so soft. It feels almost like terry cloth (is that still a thing?). It’s an Aran weight which is a “4” but this yarn felt much thicker than my usual worsted weight. It was more […]

Monday Listicles Can’t Sleep


I’ve had the worst insomnia and just when I thought it was getting better, the purveyors of sleep had other ideas. *shakes fist* Here are ten things I have spent my late nights doing instead of sleeping. 1. Watching way too much Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. Especially this episode: 2. Think about exercising. Half assed hip […]

The Purge #SOCSunday


The purge continues. As always I wonder just how two people and two cats can have so much stuff. Today’s adventure found the teen cleaning her room and the jems she pulled out, an old best that she hid from me so I wouldn’t wear it, a pair of pants that has seen way better […]