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Rachée Rundown week ending 10/16

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rachee rundownThere are five weeks until the marathon and eep!

It’s been a while since I have done a recap so let’s revisit where I was and where I am.


This was a low mileage week, only 18 miles total. I’ve started following the training plan that I have been using from the Nike app and I feel confident about my upcoming race. 

On Monday, I woke up feeling under the weather, so I cancelled my group meet-up and took a few days for rest.  I think it was something I ate but also, I think the feelings about my renal appointment had me on edge. Today was supposed to be my long run but I could not get it together. I started on the trail with the BGR ladies, and the plan was to finish up on the treadmill (which is NOT the NordicTrack I thought it was but a brand called Sole?!) but I started cramping and my legs were sore and in spite of the cute running shoes I changed into, it was not meant to be. The route we took led us up some inclines and I am happy to report that I felt strong and was able to complete most of the run without feeling like I had to stop. 


I have been making more of an effort to stretch but am not consistent. It’s like I run and when I get finished, I feel like stretching is extra instead of an extension of the workout. I still love Kassandra’s workouts and will continue with her practice. 

Daily stretching. 

Reduce Screen Time

While I have reduced the amount of TV I watch but have gotten suckered into another screen and have started (become obsessed with…po-tay-to/puh-tah-to) TikTok. Those little clips are quite addictive! Some of the recipes and tips I’ve found are helpful, so I am calling it research. 


  • 18.7 miles this week.
  • Stretching: in progress
  • Screen time: work in progress



Next week I plan to continue my marathon training INCLUDING speed work. 
Daily stretching. 
Limit ALL screen time, including TikTok (and Reels and Reddit)
Work on fueling. There won’t always be a Marriott on long runs. IYKYK. 


Happy Training!


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