THAT photo

In which I decide that 5 am is still early but *NOT* too early.  One of my outreach classes gifted me a photo of me doing storytime and, baaaaaybee, I need an old priest, a young priest, the power of the heart-shaped herb, and a new training plan because oooooh hell no; I hardly recognize myself! When I examined the…

RAIN – A Tribute To The Beatles

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Chances are, you’ve heard a song by The Beatles. Beyoncé’s cover of Blackbird on Cowboy Carter? Maybe that episode of Glee? Whatever the case, The Beatles are a huge part of rock history and their legacy lives on through Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles. The show returns to the Miller Theater through May 11 with all new staging,…

Making Time For Less

You probably have your own version of THE CHAIR. For me, it houses all of the clothes that I washed and folded but didn’t put away because my drawers are too full.

March Read, See, Cook, Do

March is a peculiar month. There’s celebration; it’s the month that I became a mother. There’s hope; Spring is coming,

February Read, See, Cook, Do

February goals and recap. Serious question, tho…is there really a point in doing goals for February as the month is almost over? My only real goal for February was to do my Flexy February and, with the exception of one day when I was really feeling ill, I have done some kind of yoga/stretch daily. Go me! For this last week…

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