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RAIN – A Tribute To The Beatles

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Chances are, you’ve heard a song by The Beatles. Beyoncé’s cover of Blackbird on Cowboy Carter? Maybe that episode of Glee? Whatever the case, The Beatles are a huge part of rock history and their legacy lives on through Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles. The show returns to the Miller Theater through May 11 with all new staging,…

Making Time For Less

You probably have your own version of THE CHAIR. For me, it houses all of the clothes that I washed and folded but didn’t put away because my drawers are too full.

Fear of Fat

Several times this week I’ve been complimented on weight loss and I ain’t gonna lie; it felt good. Like, I *know* that I should be more concerned about my health and well being but yo, the compliments were nice. Losing weight has been accidentally on purpose. I’m in a play and part of me wanted to make sure I look…

Five Knitting Patterns I’m Digging This Fall

I NEVER thought I would be that person sneaking bags of yarn into the house yet here I am. I am not blaming my local yarn store but since I have been taking a class there, I find myself being pulled towards the siren song of the skeins of yarn hanging on the wall. They just look so lonely hanging…

Hello September

September has arrived and with it, a whoosh of Fall. The mornings are cool, begging for a cuddly sweater and a cuppa as I snuggle in my favorite chair before the rest of the house wakes. As I sit and type, I think about the summer that’s been, the autumn ahead, and what is happening now. On the surface, things have…

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