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March Read, See, Cook, Do

March is a peculiar month. There’s celebration; it’s the month that I became a mother. There’s hope; Spring is coming,

February Read, See, Cook, Do

February goals and recap. Serious question, tho…is there really a point in doing goals for February as the month is almost over? My only real goal for February was to do my Flexy February and, with the exception of one day when I was really feeling ill, I have done some kind of yoga/stretch daily. Go me! For this last week…

January Recap

January usually feels like its 37 weeks long but this year it seemed to fly by. One huge change is that I have given myself a break on what I am “supposed” to do. I was very intentional with how I felt and what I needed for myself.

Flexy February ’24

The renal team has cleared me to workout and I have been slowly trying to make a plan and do what makes sense for me.

Another One About Resolutions

The me entering 2024 is, as friend told me earlier this week, a 2.0 version of myself. Instead of my resolutions being punitive (lose weight! save money! be better!) my thoughts have turned to enhancing the version of Rachée that I am with activities and ideas that bring me joy.

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