Rachee Rundown 7/17

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Where ya running?

As I type, there are about 17 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend. The heat and humidity have made me contemplate bumping my FULL marathon down to a half (but then I remember that I have managed to work the fact that I am running a marathon into every conversation and my vanity is such that I can’t punk out) so I keep training.


This week I ran four days and walked two days. 

Highlights of the runs/walks:

Monday: my sister joined me to walk. We were both still on the high from completing a two miles fun run. It was good walking with her and chatting about all the things.

Wednesday and Thursday were regular runs with my BGR groups. On Thursday, we did one of my favorite routes and, well, you see. 


Friday: My long run day. The goal was 8 but I only did a little over 7. The first part of the run….awesome! The second half… let me just say, don’t eat pizza the night before a long run. I was on the struggle bus for the second half of the run. I survived but was not pretty.

Wait…I freaking ran 7 ish miles. That *is* pretty!

Saturday: I joined the Strides Running Community for their first in person group run. During the run(walk….potayto/puhtahto) I was able to meet fellow Bibrave pro Janelle aka @runwithnoregrets. She’s lovely and we paced and had a great conversation with Strides founder @takiamclendon.

Sunday: Joined the Swaggahouse runners for their two year anniversary. Another great Philly running community! All levels and abilities are welcome. 

We were out there thick!



I’ve been taking my mat outdoors and, other than fighting my cat for use of the mat, it has been such a great experience. Being out in nature. listening to the birds sing and feeling a fresh breeze on my face has been a part of my morning meditation. 

My favorite YouTuber to follow for practice is Yoga with Kassandra. Her instruction is very clear and easy to follow; I never feel like I am going to injure myself and never feel like I am fighting for my life.

Reduce Screen Time

Next question.



Perhaps I should actually follow the marathon plan I signed up to train with. I am going to continue to add miles and will add some strength training. My conversations with the personal trainer kind of stalled so I shall follow up with him for a plan. 



  • 20.36 miles this week.
  • Stretching: daily 
  • Screen time: work in progres

Will you be moving something this week? Let me know!

Happy Training!





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