Kidney Disease

In 2017 I was diagnosed with FSGS (Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) and chronic renal disease. These posts are about living with kidney disease.

The Call

In which I get a kidney! A few weeks ago, I had my regular clinic appointment and my nephrologist and I were talking about the D word. While I wasn’t stoked about doing dialysis, I had resigned myself to what was going to be my new normal and did what obsessive me does: googled the heck out of what other…

The “D” Word

During my last renal appointment, the “D” word was mentioned and y’all…WTF?!

100 Days of Summer Something

…after a mini pity party, in which many pints of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream were consumed, a new plan was formed. Instead of 100 Days of Summer Running were doing 100 Days of Summer Something.

Black Girls RUN

It was not until late May, when I attended Book Expo, that I had that “click” moment that made me “be” about it and not just “talk” about it.

Souper Sunday: Roasted Root Veggie Soup

There is really nothing I can do to fight the inevitable (FSGS is something that will destroy my kidneys) I can slow down the disease with meds and with changes to my diet.