Scarf in progress made with Amazing by Lion Brand

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So crafting this week has been at a complete minimal. I’ve only worked a few rows on my scarf; and haven’t really felt much like playing with yarn. The usual issues are at play: It’s the final week of Spring programs for work, Class is done and I FINALLY made up my calendar for work. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of some stitching or at least complete the scarf I started.

Scarf in progress made with Amazing by Lion Brand

Scarf in progress made with Amazing by Lion Brand

I decided that I was NOT going to make things for Mother’s Day. I found some really cool patterns but I didn’t want THAT kind of pressure on me to be finished for gify giving. Besides, this year my family and I are just repurposing things instead of buying gifts. I love this because I can craft without pressure as well as give new homes to a few items that are just hanging about.

Anywho, around the interwebs I found these things which may be of interest:

Got Yarn but unsure of how to match it up?
Check out this Random Stripe Generator from Biscuits and Jam!
It’s easy to use so get ready to start designing.

Enter the colors of yarns you have, how wide you’d like your stripes and the amount of rows you want and voila!

Thinking of my mismatched stash at home, I think I am going to work up some color combos to get some things on the hooks and needles. I’m trying to stash bust to justify, er make room, for new yarns.

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