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yaRRns By Nov 07, 2018 1 Comment

A blogger, and fellow knitter, that I follow, Bromefields, shared this thought:

Warning: Knitting may create peace

And y’all…she’s correct.

My routine had been get up before the rest of the household, pour a cup of coffee and work a few rows while watching morning news. This little time that I dedicated for myself gave me a nice start to the day. Lately I have been staying up far too late and sleeping in to make up for the sleepiness I feel. Instead of easing into the day, my day starts with a rush and I have been feeling out of sorts.

My fingers are itching to play with some yarn, get into a good flow and rhythm, and let the sense of calm wash over me as I create a row of stitches and shape yarn into an object. No holiday gifts; I refuse to put the pressure of finishing things for the holiday on myself. I do have some new yarn and project ideas and I feel the desire to resume my routine. My sister gifted (or I may have lifted…potato, puhtahto) some yarn and I want to finish a blanket I started that will be cozy and warm for those late nights snuggling on the couch watching my shows.

If you need me I will be curled on the couch, knitting and purling and allowing for some time of peace.



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  1. Rhonda says:

    Aha. Sounds like fun

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