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In which I count calories. 

So a few weeks ago I was selected for a study. A weight loss study to be precise, which was a tad tragic as I realized that I was heavy enough to qualify for people to study habits that make me fat.




Anywho, I’ve been counting calories and I have lost five pounds.


The first week it was like I had found a new religion. I was so excited to be counting calories, telling everyone I came into contact with that I was tracking what I ate, making informed choices…six, okay the, twelve Oreos, nah! Have one or two, that’s just as satisfying at 100 calories instead of 600 . Three soft pretzels? Hell no! I am not wasting 435 calories on that salty deliciousness (mmmm….soft pretzels!).


That first week was awesome!

I even managed to head to the gym, working out and loving it.

Week one…down THREE pounds!

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