Work Ends, Weekends Begin! #SOCSunday

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This is the end! I have been looking forward to the end of the semester at the part time job and now, it’s here! This year it’s a bit bittersweet; some of the students whom I have worked with are graduating and they are off to their own new adventures. I will keep in contact with a few of them; one lives really close to me and I see some coffee and chatting in the future. But for now, free Sundays!

I have about 12 Sundays until the school year begins again and I feel like I don;t want to spend them sleeping in, cleaning my house (well, pretending to clean!) or messing about. I want them to be full of fun and things and Rachee time so that when I start back to work it won’t be with the regret that comes from having to be somewhere doing something that is not my choice.

Next week I am having the family over for a Mother’s Day and the week after Effin Guy and I are thrifting and brunching and The Bee had some plans for a road trip and I feel like I am going to say Yes, Yes! YES! to more things. I am looking forward to not having to be somewhere for a while, enjoying my time as I want and when the school year begins, knowing that Sundays are not just a time for getting ready for work but a time for doing, which sometimes may include work.




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