Reasons Why #MondayListicles Rock

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Last week I missed the link up for the 100th Listicle and decided c’est la vie and link up anyway.

Ten reasons Monday Listicles rock


1. It’s a list. Duh

2. It’s cathartic. Cheaper than therapy

3. I love reading everyone’s interpretation of the list. Secretly I’m hatin’ that so many people are funnier than me. 

4. It’s a great way to start the week. Or end it.

5. Stasha picks such great topics.

6. People read me. They really do!

7. Its a great way to meet other people. See number three

8. It’s a fun way to share things in my life. It’s all about me, yo

9. It’s an easy way to knock out a post

10. It’s called Listicle!


What say you?
What do you enjoy about Monday Listicles?

Want to know some of my favorites:


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