#MondayListicles: Ten Reasons My Guy Rocks

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This week’s Monday Listicle was suggested by The Bonny Bard who wants us to share ten reasons why our partners rock.

r’s note to my kid: Stop reading now ’cause I don’t want to hear your mouth about what I shouldn’t be sharing.

This also applies to my sister.


Here is my ode to Effin Guy and ten reasons why he rocks.

1. He makes me feel special
When I am PMSing, feeling like a She Hulk and totally ragey,

2. He thinks that I am a riot.
I mean I *am* but he thinks all of my shenanigans are funny.

3. He calls me sexy.
When I am feeling all blah and blobby and starting all of that self deprecating nonsense, he stops all of that talk.

4. He’s a good kisser
Mmmm Hmmmm….
Excuse me while I grin like a fool.

5. He proofs my writing and fixes my sh*t load of “comma” issues

6. He loves my family
He has spent holidays and other events with us and hasn’t run yet.

7. He listens to all my gossip when I can’t find my sister to tell
Sometimes I can’t get Buffy on the line and someone has to hear all about the foolishness. He patiently listens (or pretends to) and let’s me go on.

8. He introduced me to Chew
And other comics. He explains comic universes (I have been privy to actual conversations about which Hulk is better) and, while at times he can be…persnickety about the industry, he never talks down to me about my comic ignorance.

9. He supports me.
Whatever endeavor I wax on about he encourages me to go for it. He supports all of my zany plans and at times goes along for the ride.

10. He gets me coffee.
He’s a keeper!

Love ya babe!


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