Monday Listicle

Monday Listicles: Now What?

Before I begin, I have to give a shoutout to my fantabulous friend and IT guy, Kinsgley from Halucion. After a few texts he has my cyber space up and running and I can get back to writing all of the things about all of the things. If you’re so inclined, check out his services or his music mixes. Speaking…

Monday Listicles: Nobody Puts Odell in a Corner

In which I am teetering on Dirty ole Lady Territory and streaming the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak

We found a new to us theater over the weekend and decided to that we should check out Thor: Ragnorak.   I LOVED the movie! It was fun, funny and not so darn dark as superhero movies of late seem to be. Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak and here is why. The Black Panther Trailer. While not technically a part of the…

Monday Listicles: No More  Smonday Blues

Now with only one work commitment, I have this sense that my time is mine, once again, and instead of letting Smonday be a thing, I’ve decided that weekends are for juicy adventures.

Monday Listicles: Are You “Kidney” Me?

Monday Listicles are back!   I used to regularly do a list of things on Monday but stopped because…reasons. I feel like I want to start again and here is the return to Monday Listicles! What is a Listicle? A list of anything you feel like sharing! I like this article from Stir Up Media which explains the types of…

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