#MondayListicles and the Walk of Shame

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This week the prompt for Monday Listicles came from Kerry who writes the blog The New Two. Kerry she calls for 10 DUMBEST PURCHASES.

Only ten?

Well then, in no particular order:

1. The Goddess Workout.
I was going through something and thought the secrets could be found on that VHS tape.
They were not.

2. Bodyflex.
We’ve all got to breathe and if I could lose weight with it…Oh yeah!
I should have known something was up when the Bodyflex lady never shared a before picture. And she had all of that perfect hair throughout her workout.

3. Shoes that are too small.
I wear a size ten (yes, yes…what huge feet I have!) and used to work in a shoe store as a teen. All of the shoes on display are dainty 5’s or 6’s. Sometimes a 7. Next to which my 10 looks like a hugantic boat. And, because shoe makers think all women are tiny things, there would always only be ONE size ten in the shipment. If I didn’t get to work early enough on days when we got new shoes I would be forced to go with a 9 1/2 or attempt to squeeze my foot in a nine.

Ipso Facto my feet are jacked…oh! (Hiyo…I’m here all week)

4. Hammer Genie Pants.
Stop…Rachee time!
Insert your own joke

5. The scores of early childhood activity books for The Bee.
Cause she was gonna be the smartest child ever!
In an unrelated story, I just donated a bunch of books with one or two pages colored in to the daycare in my neighborhood. Who am I kidding? There were also brand new books in that lot.

6. Any organizer do-hickey.
They always seem like a good idea at the store but alas…I get home and remember that oh yeah…I’m… a… slob.

7. Guitar Hero.
It’s fun(ish) with a crowd.
Sad and oh, so lonely alone.

8. The whorish smokey eye shadow.
Instead of looking alluring and desirable I look like I’ve just went six rounds with a pro wrestler.

9. Cheap potato chips.
If they cost a dollar something for a large bag, them suckers are nasty!
Just go for the Herr’s and be satisfied.

10. Home hair coloring

This picture SCREAMS
8 million words and all of them are

So what’s your bad purchase?
C’mon…I know you’ve got one!


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