#MondayListicles: Dude! We’re Getting the Band Back Together!

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Why yes!
I *did* get a shout out from The Northwest Mommy Stasha and, and, and she did use my suggestion for this week’s listicle.

*does the dougie*

This week we are talking band names. Real or imagined.

Here I go:

1. Nine and Some Silver
Backstory: A couple of weeks ago Effin Guy and I were out to dinner and the place is one of those hipster deals where everyone is wearing hats, people say, “chill” and “I dig” and sincerely mean it and everything is all groovy. Our waiter, who was kind of a jerk but not really, handed us our change informing us it was, “Nine and some silver.”

This band would totally be a cover band in an art house where everyone wears scarves in the summer, knit hats and are having deep, deep conversations. About dogs.
You’re welcome.

2. Disco T.A.R.D.I.S.
Backstory: Effin Guy was getting ready for Free Comic Book Day and The Bee suggested that he add a disco ball to the T.A.R.D.I.S. he has in the store.
This band wouldn’t play disco (despite the name!) and would totally, totally, totally always be offended when people asked them to play some Donna Summers. The lead singer would be named something like Ashton and always be pissed.

3. Sex BaBomb!
Cause I love the Scott Pilgrim books and the movie.

4. *side effects may include
Backstory: While watching TV a commercial came on and you know the drill…
Yes. You have to have the asterisk and the small print.
Another alt rock (and you have to say it that way) band that plays lots of cover songs but really, really, really wants to play their own music but just have not found the right audience who “gets them.”

*they really suck

5. Origami Pig
Backstory: Prepping for a program at work I muttered the words, “And where are the instructions for that dang origami pig?”
A blue grass band that covers R&B and rap. Sort of Jonathan Coulton but in a band form.

6. Lost in the Ether
Backstory: Was reading a book and this was a line in it. I thought, “Oh snap!”
An all female group that plays lots of angry, angsty music. They get along swell but they always seem to need a new drummer for reasons out of their control: accident, injury, got lost while touring.

7. Quads in a Live Game
(This was a poker term Effin Guy and Mom were talking about but I thought it sounded good)
So this would be a quartet of classically trained musicians who are all trying to go mainstream with classical stylized versions of 70’s funk. All of your Parliament, all of your Curtis Mayfield, all of your James Brown. With strings.

8. This is It
They are the owner’s younger brother’s band.
They drink too much, fight too much and are really kind of sh*tty.
Each show there is always some confusion when the band’s name is announced:

Band: Hello! We are This is it!
Random drunk audience member: What’s it?
Band: We are “This is it!”
Random drunk audience member: Your band sucks. *BURP!*

9. Seven Flavors of Wrong
Backstory: My friends Amy and Leigh Ann were talking about their post race pictures and Leigh Ann said her pictures always look “seven flavors of wrong, wrong, wrong.”
Another all girls group. Total punk and rap and techno and it’s weird but wonderful.
They don’t look like what they are playing.

10. One Nation Under a Groove
Backstory: Doesn’t this sound like an existing band?
They would be like Arrested Development (the band, not the TV show) and the band would have like 30 members all on stage. Each concert, performance would be an experience, almost circus like and they would, inevitably, break up over “creative differences.”

I have way too much time on my hands.

What about you?
What are your favorite bands, real or imagined?

Let me know!


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