Bily yarn stash

WIP Wednesday: The Kitchen Sink Blanket

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Remember when I was stash busting and found bits and pieces of bulky yarn?

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After all is said and done there were so many bits and pieces of bulky yarn. I considered donating this yarn and when I went through my stash I had so much that I was not using that I knew that I was not gong to use that I was able to feel relatively guilt free about keeping the bulky. But what to do with this yarn?

bulky yarn stash

Bulky yarn begging to be made into a squishy blanket


The Bee suggested I make a blanket since the weather is cooling down and I thought sure…but?
The “but” is becsue blankets are so repetitive that I get bored in the middle of the project and never finish. This basket of scraps should be a way to work around not finishing projects. Between projects, while I’m watching the news, when I just need to practice stitches I am going to work on this blanket.


The yarn diet I put myself on is still going strong although this pattern of a Star Wars Death Pillow from Ravelry and this coupon from Michaels Stores: (50% Off Any One Regular Price Item) makes me want to take a trip and get some supplies.

I started the project last night but will be frogging it and starting again. I used size 19 needles but the stitches are way too loose. I am going to use a size “N” crochet hook instead for a tighter stitch and see how that moves me. There are so many colors so I just started with green and will randomly pick from the basket as I go.

What are you working on today?
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Happy Stitching!


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