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Yes. I am still fangirling over Netflix’s new original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The whole show is such a delight but my favorite part of the show is the character played by Tituss Burgess, Titus Andromedon. He is played with perfection and has so many zingers that it’s difficult to pick my favorites.

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So far, here are ten Titus Moments in which I howled and scared my cats

From the episode Kimmy Kisses a Boy! Titus worries that he is too old after he realizes he is getting discounts for food from the diner he frequents.

1. “Black, gay and old. I don’t even know what box to check in the hate crime form.”

2. Later, after a construction worker chats him up, Titus has a revelation about his own life and asks, “Are you asking me out you tasty little Bob the Builder?”



From the episode Kimmy Goes Outside!

3. Titus: You got a secret.

Kimmy: What?

Titus: You moved to New York City today with a bag full of cash, no stuff, and what is clearly a wig. Somebody in here got beans. Spill them.

Kimmy: Okay. Well, the truth is, I’m from Indiana—

Titus: Oh, okay. That explains why you’re so basic. Say no more.

From the episode Kimmy Goes on a Date!

4. “This isn’t the Chinatown bus! You can’t just choke someone while they’re sleeping!” Kimmy is sleepwalking and wakes him up by choking him.

From the episode Kimmy Gets a Job!

5. From that same episode Titus is unsuccessfully trying to return his Mechanical Man suit to the rental place: “I treated this suit like a beautiful lady which is to say that I did not touch it. “

From the episode Kimmy Goes to School!

6. “I’m so proud of you little Kim! Going back to school like a red headed Rodney Dangerfield.”

7. From that same episode, as Kimmy complains about her teacher, Titus shares a story about one of his Aunt Ernestines: “After years of buying school supplies out of her own pocket for future dropouts, she stopped caring. She quit. Wound up walking the streets selling drugs…She’s a pharmaceutical rep. I phrased that so badly.”

From the episode Kimmy has a Birthday!

8. Kimmy is upset that her step-father and half sister has come to New York and throws a hissy. Titus, previously unaware of the existence of Kimmy’s family exclaims, “”Sister?! Sister?! Well sweet Tia and Tamara Mowry.”

From the episode Kimmy Goes to a Party!

9. Kimmy invites Titus to sing at a dinner party Jacquelyn is throwing and his response, “I’ve sung for alcohol, and for pizza and for more than once to get my shoes back, but never for money!”

10. Pinot Noir! (also from Kimmy Goes to School!)

This video:


I know there are so many more; tell me your favorite Titus moments in the comments!




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  1. Brandi says:

    All of them. Every single one of them!

  2. I haven’t seen this yet, but it looks like tons of fun! : )

  3. Jo-Lynne Shane says:

    That looks hilarious. I will have to check it out on Netflix!

  4. Andrew Leary says:

    "Oh but i already did something today.."

  5. I haven't had a change to watch it yet, but everyone I know loves it. I can't wait to start watching it. I have a feeling it will take over my life.

  6. Debbie Denny says:

    I really need to look at this. Sounds fun.

  7. Debbie Denny says:

    I really need to look at this. Sounds fun.

  8. I see a lot about this show, it looks super funny and I might just give it a try!

    1. Rachee says:

      Do it! It’s so fun and funny!

  9. Cody says:

    “I’m gonna go to the library and watch it.” Best Titus moment.

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