Candied Bacon

A few years ago my BIL and I attended a Bacon festival and this is where I learned that the deliciousness of candied bacon existed. Make your own with three simple ingredients.

19th Century Slang Terms by @TabooFX

“It’s Lit” is so 2016. This is a sponsored post from Linqia and FX Networks, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   My teen gets a little upset when I use some of her slang, especially when I say that something is “lit!” She thinks that old people – me – should NOT be using slang and I sorta…

The Other “F” Word

r’s note: This is a sponsored post to promote the new Amazon series, The Other F Word. All opinions are my own. Also, mild spoilers ahead. On my last birthday,  I turned 43. There are days in which I feel that age ain’t nothing but a number and life is fine. However, there are those days when I am rudely reminded that…

On Aging and Sesame Street

In which I rant YET again about age, aging, getting old and Sesame Street. A few days ago I was listening to the Ted Radio Hour on WHYY and the episode focused on aging. My thoughts and feelings towards aging go back and forth between wanting to go gently into that good night and fighting like hell when my time comes….

Booklust: A Reading List Inspired by the Miniseries Roots

When the original Roots miniseries came on way back in 1977,  I was only four but I can remember the event that surrounded the airing of the miniseries. My family would gather around the huge television in my grandmother’s living room, all routines for the evening taken care of earlier that day because in those days of not being able…

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