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In which I show off a few WIPs and FOs*

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If you follow me on Instagram (I’m there as “sayitrahshay”; not following, click this shameless self promo link to my page to follow!) you can get a look at all of the WIPs and finished yarnthings. This year I did not make any bold declarations of holiday crafting. My yarn room is a mess and I have not made time to clean it up yet. Looking at all of the yarn on the floor is actually quite daunting so I have been blindly grabbing a yarn and seeing if i can make a go of it.

Working with Chunky Knits

Remember that sweater I was making? Yeah…I frogged it. I made a mistake on one row when I was adding yarn and just gave up. The yarn, Classic Elite Toboggan, has been reworked into a cowl, hat and fingerless gloves and I just love this set!

The cowl is made up of alternating blocks of knits and purls and is really stretchy so I can wrap it two or three times. It’s very warm and I am just in lust with it!

It was made for The Bee who decided that she really didn’t want it. (Of course teen logic dictates that since I am enjoying it she has been making, “Oh Mom! That looks warm and cozy” noises…grrr!)

To create the fingerless gloves, I followed a pattern from Melanie Porter’s Big Needle Knits: 35 Projects to Knit Using Super-sized Needles. Cables, y’all!  

  Attempting cables and fingerless mitts from Melanie Porter’s Big Needle Knits. #yearofmaking #knit #knitting #chunkyyarn   A photo posted by Rachee Fagg (@sayitrahshay) on

Cables were not as scary as I thought they would be but I would like to work on them more. I felt like they were twisted and did not stand out. I used an ink pen in leiu of Cable Needles, which I have been told that I don’t need, but of course, really want.

The hat is similar to this one The Bee is modeling. I made mine without the button in an effort to keep the set all the same. This hat was created from this pattern by Julie Weisenberg 

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