Rachee Run Down Week Ending 6/13

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And a quick look at goals for June.

What is it about getting older that makes time so quirky? I always seem to be surprised that it’s not the day, week or month that I think. Hence this late update. 

Let’s get this. 

In May I did a run streak and managed to run or walk 100 miles! This meant that for the month of June the plan was to take it easy . Plans…tuh. Somehow in taking it “easy” I managed to sign up for Black Girls Run eRace Racism race in which I am paired with a fellow runner to complete a total of 200 miles this month. (To be fair there were shorter mileage options but que sera sera).

As June is my runniversary with Black Girls Run, I feel like I need to add a little flavor on my goals. This month I am focusing on endurance; I am scheduled for a half in August and I want to be able to run the whole race with minimal stops. I have a few other runs planned between now and the half and I would like to remain injury free while running my best. 


I have been adding some evening runs into the mix. While I love my morning runs, I do enjoy the evening runs as it feels like a way to shed the stress of the day, I don’t have to get up at why is it so early o’clock, and evening runs means that I am not sitting on the couch watching reruns. 

I’m still running with the Black Girls Run group but have added a few runs with Wynnefield Track Club and did a run with the Lez Runs group. I have been trying to get to a few other groups in the city but prepping for a work program, a summer class and some family stuff has meant that my time is not always my own. 


I’ve been religious about stretching. The difference between a “stiff Frankenstein creep” and a smooth, “I still got it walk” has been the stretching I’ve been doing. My Apple Fitness+ subscription ends tis month and I decided to try Peloton for a while. Their app has classes for stretching as

well as yoga, outdoor runs and more. With Fitness+ I found the app not quite what I wanted but a good substitute when I needed to close my rings.

I’ve added strength training as recommended by my doc (I *am* a woman of a certain age…ahem) and since I’ve got the cardio on lock, I think adding strength training will help me get stronger. 


Special 5K : Virtual 5k runs now through June 30

eRace Racism: 100 miles by June 30.

7/10 Boogie with Scoogie: two miles fun run with The Bee and The Librarian

8/29 Philly 10K: THIS is LIVE!!

9/19 Philadelphia Distance Run This is LIVE!!!!



I have started a half marathon training plan via the Nike Run app. I plan to add speed work and recovery runs, as I have not always been consistent with either. 

I’d like to make it to one of the other group runs in Philly and it looks like mid-week is my best day. I would like to add a few more 5Ks this week. The Special 5K run donates $10 for every 5K completed on Run Signup to Feeding America from June 8 through June 30. 



  • 16.48 miles this week. 
  • Stretching: post and pre workouts
  • Strength training: gotta get ready for the gun show
  • Core work: still trying to get that middle stronger.



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