Rachee Run Down Week Ending 5/23

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Y’all…we are not going to talk about the fact that it’s been about a month since my last update. Non-running things, as well as running things, have caused me to curl up with my remote instead of updating this space.

I’m here and ready to share some updates.

Let’s go!


My May goal is to do a run streak and I am proud to share that 23 days in, and I have run or walked every single day this month! So far I have managed to clock 78 miles!! I even got a walk in with The Librarian and it was quite pleasant!

This week I did
-evenings runs. As a “I have to get up and run early” person, there was something nice about having that run to look forward to after a stressful work day.
-a group run that ended with a mimosa! We celebrated one runners birthday with a run, mimosa and snacks.
-a group run where I paced with a faster runner. When I run alone, I will push myself but there is something about having that partner to push you.
-a real life race with a banana at the end!! I came in second in my age group. To be fair, there was only two of us in the group but so what! I got a medal! And a post race banana!!

-I learned the hard way that there is never to much hydration on a hot day. My long run was a struggle run and after a strong start, I found myself dizzy and light headed and had to do a lot of walking.


I had been using Apple Fitness for my cross training but decided to take a look at the Nike Training App and this app has a way to search for routines to add mobility for runners! I did some of the shorter classes (one day I am really going to have to think about my lack of wanting to include stretching in my routines) and feel pretty good.


Virtual Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon: 5/30 

Philly 10K: 8/29: THIS is LIVE!!

Philadelphia Distance Run 9/19: This is LIVE!!!!



The virtual half is this week. Gulp! I am still thinking about my route but think I have it narrowed down. I am definitely going to hydrate this week; I do NOT want a repeat of today!

I will keep up with my stretching/mobility. I really do notice a difference when I stretch pre AND post run. I really want to add some weights. Every Shape magazine article I ever read about someone’s weight loss seemed to include that once the person added weights they really got over the hump in their training. While weight loss is not my goal, I believe adding weights will help keep me with my runs. 


  • 23.0 miles this week. Cah-razy!
  • Stretching: post workouts
  • Core work: n/a

I have about week left to finish up this streak. I am so close to 100 miles and I think I can make it. I am going to crank up my tunes and get my gear ready to finish this month.

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Will you be moving something this week? Let me know!

See you on The Drive!


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