October Run Goals

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I wave goodbye to September with some wins and losses.


Ran a sub 2:30 half. I crushed my half marathon. While the gun time came in as 2:39:43, my watch and my chip time had me at around 2:24:55. This is way better than my other half times and I’m taking it.

Added speed work. Admittedly I’ve only done it twice BUT I did it. Pushing myself allowed me to see that I could run a faster pace without feeling like I was going to puke AND it made me appreciate slower runs.

Hydrating: I’ve been adding electrolytes to my water bottle after my runs and this helps me not feel so darned drained.


Didn’t make my run goal. I’ve run 88 miles this month, which is nothing to sneeze at but not the 97 I was aiming for. Last year when I shot for 96 miles, I did shorter runs to reach my goal. This year I did longer runs and exercised my right to rest and recovery and may have used that as an excuse to sleep in.

Stretching. While I’ve definitely added more stretching, it’s still not my best effort.

What’s in store for October?

Strength training. One of the BGR runners swears by the Nike Training Club app and her race performance has improved so much that I think she’s on to something.

Adding evening runs. I love running in the mornings, to get it done, to feel superior to all, whatevs. However, evening runs have been a nice treat after a rough day. I’m usually so full of pep and energy after my morning runs but the evening runs have been relaxing. I think it’s the cool fall weather.

Addressing my foot pain. I have an appointment to see a podiatrist for the plantar fasciitis that’s been bothering me for longer than I care to admit. I hope it’s a matter of adding my stretching (that I should already be doing but cha know).


9/1 – 10/31: Costume Dash 5K Virtual Run

10/4 – 10/10: Global Energy Virtual Race

10/10: Broad Street (This is still live but there are so! many! restrictions!)

10/16 – 11/1: NJ Half Marathon VIRTUALLY

11/6 Gritty 5K Virtual (virtual for reasons that I am feeling a tad to ornery to voice)

11/7 Penn’s 10th Annual 5K for the IOA & Memory Mile Walk

11/20: Philadelphia Half Marathon


I need a December race! Any recs?

Happy Rachtober!



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