Rachée Rundown

October Run Goals

I wave goodbye to September with some wins and losses. Wins: Ran a sub 2:30 half. I crushed my half marathon. While the gun time came in as 2:39:43, my watch and my chip time had me at around 2:24:55. This is way better than my other half times and I’m taking it. Added speed work. Admittedly I’ve only done…

Rachée Rundown 4/4

Happy Sunday all! Here is the Rundown for the week that was. The plan was to run daily, an effort to try to close all of the rings on my watch. Side note: People talk about the cult of Peloton but yo…they’ve got nothing on folks drinking the Apple products flavored Kool-aid. Ker-thunk! I’ve gladly jumped on the bandwagon with…

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