Rachee Run Down Week Ending 9/26

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Y’all…I did a whole half marathon! I’ll post about THAT later but I let me tell you…I was feeling so good and like maybe, just maybe this running this is life. 


Last week I did four runs and one day I walked.

Since I’m a run coordinator for one of the Philly BGR meetups, I have been trying to make sure I actually attend the  Monday Runs. It is a struggle. Long runs on the weekends plus late nights mean that I am dragging on Monday morning. To make sure I get my time in, I will walk or go out with the slower runners, thus forcing myself to do a slower pace. It’s a good recovery. 

Tuesday was the speed work that I have been talking about but never quite getting done. Today was in the form of 400 sprints and let me tell you…I really thought I was going to lose my guts. 

Wednesday and Friday, nothing to really report. Regular runs but Saturday, oh mama! The half-marathon training I did with Philadelphia marathon found me on the struggle bus! My foot was hurting, my legs cramped and I was so stinking sore! I only got 9.66 miles instead of the 10 I hoped for, which yes, impressive but there was so much walking and whining and just meh.


I have worked to add more stretching to my runs as soon as I get done. That helped with recovery for the longer runs. I have changed my attitude about stretching. I look at it as an extension of my workout instead of a chore to be done. 


9/1 – 10/31:  Costume Dash 5K Virtual Run

10/10: Broad Street (This is still live but there are so! many! restrictions!)

10/16 – 11/1: NJ Half Marathon VIRTUALLY

11/6: Gritty 5K Virtual (virtual for reasons that I am feeling a tad too ornery to voice)

11/20: Philadelphia Half Marathon


I have 14 more miles to complete my goal of 97 miles for the month. I’m not sure why I always wait until the end of the month to cram my miles in.


I will keep up with my stretching/mobility. I really do notice a difference when I stretch pre AND post run. 


  • 19.6 miles this week. Cah-razy!
  • Stretching: post workouts
  • Core work: n/a

Will you move something this week?


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