No Spend September: Stash Busting

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I joined a group on Facebook called “No Spend September” in which the goal of the group is not to spend any money. Without exaggeration, within hours of joining the group I had to get a new bumper for my car, I went to the scheduled an appointment I had to get my hair did (in my defense this was more of a public service) and my family called to say that we were having a last minute birthday party for my 91 year old grandmother and asked that each family member contribute financially.




Instead of feeling (really) bad about spending money after I joined the group, I decided to turn the No Spend September into no Yarn Buying September. It does help that the local yarn store I planned to binge shop at was all out of yarn. Like it was empty and I only left with some buttons, a book and two shines of yarn.


For the remainder of September I will work from my stash and see what I can make happen. I have been hoarding patterns like nobody’s business thanks to Pinterest and Ravelry (add me as a friend!). I also have yarn that has been sitting and needs to be made into something.



I’ve already made a cowl from the bulky yarn I got at the closing sale of Rosie’s Yarn Cellar and completed a hat that The Bee has already claimed for her own.


White cowl





Blurry selfie of The Bee wearing The Insta-Hat

A friend from work asked me to make her hats for her new granddaughter, something I need to just cast on and hook it up (see what I did there?). I started a sweater that I have put in project time out. It requires working on double pointed needled and while I have the supplies, I have not made time to really read the pattern.

This is some yarn in my stash that I have no idea what to do with. I am think hat or shawl but so far nothing has called to me.


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Have fun crafting!




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