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I mentioned earlier this week that I am changing up my fitness routine. I will wog/walk/jog three times a week, do bootcamp one day and the last will be a DVD from other my home library or one from my local library.

Today I am sharing Rodney Yee: Yoga Burn.




Warm-up: About Yoga Burn

Taking it slow can deliver dramatic, immediate results – a sculpted physique and greater mental focus. Created and led by Rodney Yee, the innovative Slow Burn Yoga workout combines continual transition between essential yoga moves with resistance repetitions. The resulting burn shapes lean muscle and challenges your mind more than other slow yoga programs, expanding your limits in both your practice and your life.

Workout: My experience

When I’ve practiced yoga in the past, I have found it to be slow moving and difficult so I was prepared to be bored while working through this DVD. Sure, Yoga Burn really does slow the practice down even more for a more challenging workout but the slow movements really engage your muscles and each move requires concentration and focus. Working through the moves  found that my muscles were strained and I felt as engaged as I would have if I were working with weights.




I will say that if you have time, watch the DVD before you begin our practice. I consider myself a novice when it comes to yoga but am familiar with some of the moves. I found myself having to see Rodney work a position before I attempted it.

I didn’t feel that utter sense of awkward I am used to when it comes to yoga. My body may not be one of a typical yogi but it’s strong and I was able to make it through the workout.



This workout is challenging. At first I kept thinking that I needed to push myself more and a few times I did. I paid for it the next day in the form of very sore and tight muscles. The next time I did the DVD I allowed myself to slow down and I felt that my muscles were worked but not that it was impossible to make it through the day.

Cooldown: Conclusion

I do think this is a workout I would consider borrowing and using again. I really enjoyed the way I felt during the workout and when I completed. There was a sense oe of challenge with our it feeling impossible.

All you really need to do your workout is a yoga mat. I suppose you could use a towel or go without but I find the mat offers a bit of stability especially when you are twisting and bending.


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What is a “Workout Boogie”?  Each week I will feature an exercise DVD, the workout will be in addition to the wogging and bootcamp I do each week.


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    I love yoga and other forms of stretches and workouts.
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