#HOTH: Heroes in a Half Shell

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HOTH is a new crochet term I use and it means Hot off the Hook. It being new means that I will be using the term until even I am sick of the term.

You have been sufficiently warned.


Now then, I have had a pattern for a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle inspired hat in my Ravelry cue and pinned on Pinterest for a while. With the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie coming out in the next week I thought this would be a good time to actually work up the pattern. Both The Bee and Effin Guy are so excited about the movie. The Bee watches the cartoon and plays the video game. Effin Guy sells comics so it’s a requirement for him to see movies adapted from comic books. I had no opinion. My Turtle experience may or may not include Vanilla Ice and some dancing to “Go Ninjas! Go Ninjas, go!” This seemed like a good excuse to get some yarn, grab my hooks and go.

Using a pattern found on Whitty Momma I created hats for the family to wear when we go see the movie.

The pattern works up very quickly; I was able to bang them out in one evening! I went up a hook size for hats the hats I made for myself and Efin Guy (me because my locs are just way too thick and Effin Guy because the smaller hook size seemed to grip his head like a crocheted clamp).


The hats were made with acrylic yarn. Red Heart Super Saver and Caron United. They really do work up quickly and my crochet mojo is on!


Below are the results.

The Bee

Crochet TMNT hat, Raphael

Crochet Raphael Ninja Turtle



Crochet Leonardo Ninja Turtle

Crochet Leonardo Ninja Turtle


 Effin Guy

Crochet Donatello Ninja Turtle

Crochet Donatello Ninja Turtle



Crochet Michelangelo Ninja Turtle

Crochet Michelangelo Ninja Turtle


(Yes I realize my single picture looks pretty sorry. Shhh)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tickets now! using my affiliate link. We were supposed to see an advanced screening of the movie but time was not our friend and we were too late. *wipes tear*

We are headed out to see the movie this weekend and will be sporting our hats!










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