Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak

We found a new to us theater over the weekend and decided to that we should check out Thor: Ragnorak.   I LOVED the movie! It was fun, funny and not so darn dark as superhero movies of late seem to be. Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak and here is why. The Black Panther Trailer. While not technically a part of the…

August 2nd is Earth Overshoot Day #BeInconvenient 

Today must have been “Al Gore” Day. First he was on CBS This Morning being interviewed by Charlie Rose and the two sub hosts about Gore’s new project, “An Inconvenient Sequel.” I half listed as I puttered around and started my day but tonight as I was running errands after work, I was glued to the radio listening to Al…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The newest addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise opens Memorial Day weekend and here is what you need to know.

At the Movies: People That You Meet

The family and I went to go see Marvel’s Doctor Strange recently. It was pretty good but this post won’t be a review as I am sure there have been eleventeen hundred other people who have thought and considered and wrote more about the movie than I cold possibly do justice to the film. I *will* recommend you go see it…

Movie Review: Bad Moms #badmoms

The first time I saw the trailer for the movie Bad Moms my initial thought was, “Here we go again. Here is yet another movie/thing/commentary, about the poor overworked, overstressed, under appreciated mom.” The trailer features a wild, seemingly out of control house party complete with slow motion house party dancing and drinking. Moms taking a stand and saying No, bratty…

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