Hello July!

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In which I share a bucket list for the steamiest month in Philly.

As I type this post the minutes are sliding into July (or rather it is already July…just let me have this). To sound like most of the adults I have ever known, time is just sliding away! How is it already July? It seems like just yesterday The Bee was whining about wearing a uniform to school and hoping to “free the knees” as she and her classmates were told that they had to wear tights even on the hottest days.

But nope. It’s July and hot and steamy and personal summers are a thing for me and I happened to read an article on Hello Giggles which suggested that July can be a reset month. Instead of wondering ‘OHMAHGAH why are the minutes moving so flipping fast?” let me embrace July and meet it head on.

Y’all know how I love me a list. I hardly ever complete them but I love the idea of lists. I also love the idea of

  1. Doctor Who…the scarf and the T.A.R.D.I.S. at least
  2. Owning a dog: we could go running together!
  3. Traveling: I get such anxiety that the I don’t even enjoy the first part of the trip


These are things that Rachee does not “do” but in some alternate reality I am the dog owning, Whovian who goes from city to city with her dog following, I don’t know  the 8th Doctor (is that a thing?).

So. The Bucket List.

July seems like it’s going to be a chill time for my family. We are all working (even The Bee!) and the norm is to let the work schedule control the day but that’s no fun! Instead of letting the days roll by with me thinking, “Aww man! I’ve got work in the morning!” I want July to be a month of up and at it.

Scroll down to “related posts” and visit the next few pages to see how what I plan to do for my July Bucket List!

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  1. Shalama Jackson says:

    It is officially July and I can’t believe it myself. I usually keep mental lists and that doesn’t change this month with the exception that I am being a little more verbal since I have a new competition that I am blogging about as it approaches in August. Here’s to you rocking out your goals.

  2. The year is moving much too quickly, but I like the idea that July can be a reset month

  3. Candy says:

    Time does go extremely fast. You should add fruit picking. We did blueberries one year and it was great. We had muffins for days.

  4. Talisa G. says:

    I’ve been having dog-fever also lately. Doesn’t help that my closest cousin has a few cuties of her own and she’s always talking about them. It’s really time I get a dog!

  5. I like that July is a starting point for the rest of the year – I will definitely be hitting the reset button!

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