8 + 1 yarn lovers to follow on Instagram

8 + 1 Yarn Lovers to Follow on Instagram

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Over the last week or so whenever I would sign in to Instagram I would get a message that there were to be changes to my followers. Instagram did a massive clean out of users and purged bots and spam accounts. I only lost about 30ish followers and that, I assume, is because all of the followers who were purged were bots were from those body wrap places (side note…I was feeling some type of way being followed by all of those body wrap folks. I know there is some jiggle to my jam but damn!). Since the purge I have found new REAL people to follow and engage with and it has been nice to have people actually like AND comment on pictures.

Here are 8 + 1 accounts to follow on Instagram.

8 + 1 yarn lovers to follow on Instagram

Red Heart Yarns

Whether you are a fan of their yarns (I am partial to their Boutique yarns) or just their patterns, there is a a lot of wonderful eye candy on this account!


Read my review of the Red Heart app for iPhone.












 Lion Brand Studio

I miss the Lion Brand Podcast that ised to come out bi-weekly and this helps fill the void. Sort of. Lion  Studio makes me wish I lived in New York and could visit the studio on a weekly basis/

Read about my visit to the Lion Brand Store.



 Allison Hoffman aka Craftyiscool

Allison makes these adorable amigurumi dolls and wrote a book on how to do it. She shares the pictures of her work, her meet ups with the inspiration for her dolls and she just made crafting oh so cool.



Madeline Tosh

Madeline Tosh is really the name of the hand dyed yarn by Amy. I love oohing and ahhing over this delicious yarn! The colors are unique and just oozing with possibilities! My friends who have used this yarn swears by it. It is a little more than I am used to spending on yarn but my fellow knitters swear by it.




Stacey Trock

Fresh Stitches is her blog and Stacey shares all of her cute crochet amigurami. I also love that she gives us a little glimpse into her personal life too as she awaits the birth of her child. Stacey makes crochet fun and interesting and has these great kits for sale that also allow for crafting.


Cori Eichelberger (irocknits)

Please to note: When I captured this picture with my phone I hadn’t followed Cori! I pinky swear promise that I would not recommend something that I don’t use!

Another place for inspiration! Yummy colors, beautiful finished works. I love seeing what she is working on.




Danielle S aka HookSmart

Danielle is a blogger and fellow hooker and I just adore her work. She shares pics from her personal life, her work and just have drool worthy items.



Francoise Danoy (Arohaknits)

I love her page! She has links to patterns and shares tips for knitters. Her work and photos are simply gorgeous and I just adore looking at them.


Last, but certainly not least…moi!

Rachee (sayitrahshay)

I share pics from work, yarnthings, Bee shots (see what I did there?), family pics, and more.



You can follow me if you’d please and leave your link in the comments if you like a follow back.

Tell me…did you lose followers in the purge?
Also, who do you like to follow?

Thanks for reading!


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