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For anyone with a smart phone (not just iPhones) apps are not just bells and whistles to crowd your home screen, they can* simplify and organize your life, help you lose and maintain a diet and exercise plan and are just fun! As I attempt to get my life in some semblance of order, I have found that instead of downloading a plethora of free apps and games, I have actually found some to be quite useful. As I attempt to get my hooking** back on track I love the apps that I can use to find patterns, buy yarn*** and just keep a finger on the pulse of the crochet community.

Red Heart Yarns and Lion Brand are two apps that I was pleased to add to my phone. These are yarns that I frequently use as when I started my life with a hook this was the yarn most frequently donated. Over time I have found while Red Heart and Lion Brand may not be yarn shop exclusives, there are some very nice yarns that while inexpensive is in no way cheap.

Comparing the two apps I will say that I like Lion Brand’s better. My only nitpicky Rachee thing is that I wish there were a link to the podcast hosted by Liz and Zontee. But between the two:

Free. Can’t beat that!

Lion Brand wins. The app has access to what seems to be every pattern* from the website where as Red Heart only offers a few.  Both have options to visit their respective sites on the web to access all of the patterns.

Looking for patterns – Ease of navigation:
As a chick with a hook I like that Lion Brand will allow a search of crochet only patterns. Red Heart does provide a hook next to patterns for crochet but there is no way to filter.

I would have liked to been able to access the Lion Brand Podcasts hosted by Lizz and Zontee but through the magic of iTunes and Stitcher I am able to easily access current and past episodes. Red Heart does have videos that can be viewed via You Tube. There are a plethora of crochet (score!)
Red Heart wins here as there is a link to their Facebook and Twitter pages and a link to Crochet Today.

Since I have had the Lion Brand app for longer I admit that I am more familiar and comfortable with it but I can see me easily enjoying Red Heart Yarn’s app as well. For what they are worth, down load them both (did I mention they were free?) and find a new project to get hooked on!

Pairing some combos,

*If one used them daily. As I don’t. Don’t judge me.
** Crochet! Get your mind our of the gutter although I am sure there may be an app for THAT!
***I have yet to buy more yarn for my stash although boy oh boy am I tempted!


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