Host a Countdown to Noon with #KingJulien and the #StreamTeam

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KJN New Years Eve_comp_02_86467 KJN New Years Eve_comp_02_90256One of my favorite memories for New Year’s Eve was how my family and I would celebrate. My sister and I would get a bath and then we would be allowed to wear our pajamas to our grandmother’s house where we would be spending the night.  After sharing our resolutions, my mom and dad would get all dressed up to head out for the night along with my aunt. My sister, cousin and I would spend the evening with my grandmother. We would play, make more silly resolutions and then eat some black eyed peas and grab noisemakers so that when the ball dropped and the new year began, the party would start! This was one of the only nights that we would be allowed to stay up all night (or at least until the various stations would end their broadcasts for the night…yup I’m THAT old) and make lots of noise while doing it.

As a parent I loved letting MY kid stay up as late as she could but sometimes the best laid plans meant a solidly sleeping kid at 8 pm. After starting my gig at the library, I decided that we would do a count down to noon so that we could capture some of the excitement but with less sleepiness.


To create your own countdown to noon
Make it festive!

We had awesome attire to make it pop!
Cool shirts

Funky 2015 glasses


Streamers and confetti is a must. Don’t worry about clean up; that’s part of the excitement! (Well, not really but make it a game.)
Balloons are always fun and are extra fodder for noisemaking. (When they inevitably burst)



We love serving Library Punch which is our favorite brand of ginger ale served with apple juice. Tip…Plan early; we can never find those plastic champagne glasses to serve our punch so we use whatever is on hand which is not as festive but makes library punch taste as sweet!

Library mix. For this we took a cue from the ALl Hail King Julien preview party and let everyone customize their own snack!  Popcorn adorned with bite sized bits of our favorite candies: chocolate, Gummi Bears, anything to make the party more sweet!



King Julien, that is!




To help with the celebration, King Julien will host his very own kid-sized countdown “special” on Netflix that families can use to ring in 2015 whenever they choose to celebrate. It’s three minutes of high-energy, music-filled fun that lets kids celebrate the New Year no matter the time of day. The countdown will be available in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, UK, Ireland, the Nordics, the Netherlands and France beginning on Dec. 29th at

““I was totally bummed when I heard that some of my favorite little party people aren’t allowed to stay up until midnight for the biggest party of the year,” said King Julien, King of the Lemurs. “But then I realized I’m king, I make the rules! So move over, Ryan Seacrest, I’ve got my very own on-demand countdown party on Netflix. That means the New Year’s Eve party is always on – just how it should be! What better way to ring in Julien-uary?””

The new Netflix original TV series ALL HAIL KING JULIEN launched on Dec. 19, 2014 and the first five episodes are available for Netflix members to watch instantly. To find out more about the show, visit or

However you chooses to celebrate, have a safe and festive New Year!





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