Motivation Monday: The 3 Liter Water Challenge

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It’s been two weeks since I started the 3 Liter a Day Water Challenge. A Facebook friend posted a story about a woman from the UK who challenged herself to drink three Liters of water each day after her children told her she looked old. I read the story and decided to try my own water experiment.


Day 1:

I head to the market to get a case of water. There is a sale at the market for the store brand cases of water and since I am going to be upping my amount of water intake I want to save some coins. I admit to starting out as a water snob. Schuylkill Punch aka tap water in Philly can be kind of gross.

Six of these equals 3 Liters and lots of waste

Six of these equals 3 Liters and lots of waste


Day 2:

Drinking this much water is hard. I barely get through 2 liters and find myself chugging the last liter before bed. Which leads to many a trip to the bathroom overnight.


Day 4:

I’ve started feeling a little guilty about the amount of water bottles I am tossing. There are not enough crafts in the world to justify the amount of water I have been drinking. At this point I have drank and discarded a total of 24 plastic bottles. My recycle bin is overflowing and I feel like some bad guy corporate lawyer from an 80’s movie. Schuylkill Punch is not quite as bad as I thought and I purchased a bottle that holds 1.5 Liters from While Foods which I have been reusing.


2 of these means less waste and easier to reach my goal

2 of these means less waste and easier to reach my goal

Day 5

…and I am a toddler again. I am running to bathroom a lot. Like, A LOT.  I joke that I need a catheter. My boyfriend does not disagree.


Day 9

I forgot to refrigerate my water the night before and frankly, am starting to get sick of drinking water. It’s become a thing for The Bee to sigh dramatically when I mention my water. But God bless her, she encourages me to have a glass with dinner.


Day 10

Crap! I woke up late and rush from the house. I didn’t have my coffee but I grabbed my water and it’s OK. I miss my coffee but I don’t feel like I am missing out as I sip my water at work.  I am still running to the bathroom often but not quite the frantic potty dance inducing need to go.


Day 14

I crave water. For real. Soda and juice is way sweeter than I remember, I am good with one cup of coffee per day and I have gone over my three liters some days! I still get headaches and have not lost weight but I feel like my skin does look better, smoother and my lips are softer.

The UK woman did the experiment for a total of four weeks but I feel like I have gone beyond experiment and this is a part of my life. I still have my coffee in the morning and will have a sip of soda but when I find myself reaching for water as my main beverage and I am feeling content.


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