March Read, See, Cook, Do

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“March is the month of expectation, the things we do not know.” Emily Dickinson*

March is a peculiar month. There’s celebration; it’s the month that I became a mother. There’s hope; Spring is coming, and the longer days help offset the fading of the winter blahs. March is a promise and full of change and there is a hint of optimism that makes me feel like anything is possible. 

My winter was supposed to be slowing it down and taking it easy however I seemed to be busier than expected. Between some extra duties for work and life, it felt like I was running all over the place all winter long. With March’s arriva, it’s time to keep the party going. but sunnier days means it’s time to zhush it up. Not go crazy but start moving out of hibernation and

March Read, See, Cook, Do

Read: I admit that I am not really making much of an effort to read more. My reading is more “gotta read” and not “get to read.” I read the things I need for class, read reviews for things related to work but when I have time, I am usually scrolling through social media. I do browse cookbooks to look for new recipes but really, I am giggling at somebody’s tiktok and playing a game on my phone. 

What does this mean for March: More audio books. I am still working through “The Year of Less….” by Cait Flanders and started a middle grade book, “Amari and the Great Game” by B.B. Alston. I have been pairing my books with tasks that I need to do, such as laundry or dishes. This way I can’t use the excuse, “I am too busy” and make reading something that I do each day. 

See: The transplant team is fine with me doing a bit more but have advised me to take precautions so I am still masking and have stocked up on hand sanitizer. With Spring coming, more outdoor events are happening, and I am looking forward to being where a few of the people are.

Two things I am looking forward to: Philly is doing a Yarn Crawl and spring races! I’ll talk more about spring races below but the yarn crawl…drool!

At the yarn crawl, I am looking forward to hanging out with fiber friends, exploring new spaces and getting some ideas for spring projects.

There are a few more 

What this means for March: YARNNNNN! Serious though, longer days and warmer temps mean being out in the streets. I mean as much a middle-aged kidney recipient can be out in the streets. And by “Out in the streets”, I mean putting the grill up and sitting in my backyard. 


Cook: My quest for the perfect bread continues. I have been making sandwich bread and focaccia and feel comfortable with the results. For the sandwich bread, I pulled out the bread maker and it’s been very convenient to make bread for the house. In addition to continuing to make sandwich bread, this month I would like to revisit biscuits and give croissants a try.

What this means for March: MORE BREAD!! I may venture out with some new recipes but as I type, I am all about the bread. So. If you have a good dairy free biscuit or croissant recipe, let me know. 

Do: I feel like “Do” and “See” are kind of the same this March but kind of different so here goes.

March calls for Spring cleaning and spring races. They warm days are invitations for things outdoors but because it’s been warmer, I feel like I can start doing all of those things that I have been putting off because it’s been too cold, and I have been basically bundled under blankets for the last two months. March is going to be focused on getting my kitchen together because since I have been baking so much, my kitchen is a hot holy mess. Everything is everywhere all at once (that’s such a great movie…go watch it). I am going to reorganize the space so that it makes sense when I am in there throwing flour everywhere.

It’s also time to start training for my first race since SEPTEMBER! While I am excited for upcoming races, I am not expecting much. I have not been training and…well…I can’t wait to see all the running folks that I haven’t really seen in months! I miss the frenzy that is race season, the adrenaline from the starting line, conversations had while running. I may not relist the idea of a 4:45 am wake up, but I am missing the run community that helped me realize that I was indeed stronger than I thought I was.

What does this mean for March: The Love Run. I am supposed to be doing the 7.6K but I think I may just be cheering and in between runs (wogs) a kitchen reorg.


What’s on your plate for March? 

Spring cleaning? Festivals? Slowly coming out of hibernation or have you already been out and about and so you can tell *me* where the best things to do are?

If you’re a runner, see you out there. If you’re a fiber friend, see you soon. Have a drink for me and stay groovy!

*I know that there’s more to that quote but this is the bit that spoke to me


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