Mid-August Run Goals

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This post was supposed to go live at the beginning of August but I blinked, and well, you know the drill.

Anywho, August running has been pretty steady. This month I made a point of  getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to do longer runs, new (to me) routes and joining Philly area run clubs. 

Here is what it looks like so far:

  1. Running in Vermont
    Earlier this month we visited The Librarian’s daughter at her new home and one day I went for a run. It was a gorgeous view! The altitude tried to get me BUT I managed to get 30 minutes of running in. After Philly’s heatwave, it was beautiful weather!

  2. Join Black Men Run and Swagga House for a Stop the Violence Run
    Running in this heatwave is not for the faint of heart BUT once the sun goes down, it’s not quite so hot. That said, running with BMR and Swagga House was hot (Pardon that pun). We ran from the Art Museum to City Hall calling for an end to gun violence in the city. There were several run clubs in attendance working together to keep young Philly men and women safe.

  3. Planning a group run. 
    I’ve put the call out for my regular group runner but the practice 10K route I did was a new route and with new run buddies. Last weekend I did a practice run of the Philly 10 course. I think I am going to need new sneakers because I was really feeling some pain and soreness in my legs during and after the run. It didn’t help that I rolled my ankle during the run but I finished in a decent time. 

  4. Running with Manayunk Beer Runners
    An IG friend talked about running with the Beer Runners and said they meet on Mondays. I joined them and ran with my friend Liz who is normally a sub 8 minute runner but slowed it down so that I could do 10ish minute miles. 
    I may have to pace with her on race day to get my sub one hour 10K!
  5. I am a new co-Run Coordinator for one of the BGR Meet-ups!
    I am going to be helping women reach their fitness goals one step at a time!

My mileage goals for the month is to just out-do my last year’s numbers. Last year I ran 68.8 miles. This year I am a little over half way to that goal. 

What are your plans for the remainder of the month? Run more? Add rest days? Let me know!





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