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Flexy February ’24

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Getting my “ommmm” on again!

The renal team has cleared me to workout and I have been slowly trying to make a plan and do what makes sense for me. I still don’t have the desire to get up at 5am to go run, although I do miss running with my groups and hearing all of the goss. I don’t feel like I don’t have to prove anything to anyone with 5am runs but I do miss the flex of going into work and letting my coworkers know that I ran several miles before I got to work.

Ahem. Moving on. 

My work schedule is still designed to limit my exposure to the public, so that earlier start means that my morning routine feels rushed and so I have been not making working out a part of the routine. Nights and weekends are me running errands or, if I’m honest, scrolling through social media and binge watching my shows (I’m currently watching Doctor Who and love it!) 

I feel like I am making excuses. I am making excuses. However, all of these excuses went bye bye when I had an incident at work a few weeks ago. I went to reach for something that fell on the floor and oh mama…I grunted like I was some kind of power lifter!

It was at this moment that I knew that I mucked up. 

So with February coming soon, it’s time to revisit Flexy February. In the past I was using classes from “Yoga with Adriane” and “Yoga with Kassandra” but this year I would like to explore the classes that are available through the Peloton app. Add me I’m on there as @sayitrahshay.

The yoga and stretching classes I’ve done so far have been enjoyable and I want more. 


Races on the horizon

My Flexy February is also to get me back into the running game. I ambitiously signed up for some races; they are shorter distances but I still want to finish without injury. My spring races are: 

3/24 Love Run Last year I cheered, and the weather was gorgeous. This year I am doing the 7.6K and we shall see how the weather goes.  

4/6 Hot Chocolate I haven’t decided if I want to volunteer or actually run this. It’s always a big party and plus CHOCOLATE!!

4/21 Delaware Running Festival (5K) I love this race! Always a good vibe. 

4/28 Donor Dash (5k) After receiving The Gift of Life, I cannot not run this race! Last year was a good one but I think the 5K has my name on it. Here is my shameless “consider a donation” request.

4/30 Broad Street Run (10 m) I haven’t decided if I am doing this yet but last year I ran with Team Determination and it was wonderful. So much support and that special tent at the start and finish line…chef’s kiss!

I’m hoping my family will join me in Flexy February and maybe you as well?

See you on the mat.


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