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Another One About Resolutions

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We’re a few days into 2024 and I have been checking out the social medias and folk posting goals/resolutions/words to guide them through 2024. I am here for every other word. I am from a resolution family and have always enjoyed making lists and promises for future Rachée. In the past my resolutions have always felt like an unattainable to do list; tasks of things that I needed to do in order to become a “better” Rachée. The me entering 2024 is, as friend told me earlier this week, a 2.0 version of myself. Instead of my resolutions being punitive (lose weight! save money! be better!) my thoughts have turned to enhancing the version of Rachée that I am with activities and ideas that bring me joy.

A few years ago I was really inspired by the Before Breakfast podcast titled “Read, See, Cook, Do” and tried to implement a bucket list of sorts. I wasn’t successful; the world was coming out of Covid, I had a soul sucking job that caused some severe mental and emotional stress and life was not lifing (yes, lifing). I was unsuccessful with my project, but I think the me entering 2024 is ready for prime time and it’s time to for a redo of “Read, See, Cook, Do” redux.

Read, See, Cook, Do – Redux

For my 2024 “Read, See, Cook, Do – Redux”, I was really thoughtful with how I was going to approach this list. Instead of big broad overly ambitious goals, I wanted smaller goals to enhance my life. I have been thinking how I am going to approach this list and here is where I am using this theme as a guide, each month a small project to work on and enhance and enjoy life.

READ:  I have a confession. Although I am a library chick, I have been in a reading slump since maybe May of 2023. I do read for work, but it’s not fun because it’s work and although I love my job, having to do something and getting to do something are two different vibes. Another reason for my reading slump: so much of my time has been spent on social media just fooling around. My screen time was in the DOUBLE DIGITS each day as I scrolled through TikTok or Instagram, with a little Threads for some razzle dazzle. Some of my excess screen time happened during my recovery from kidney surgery; I could not focus on a darn thing, and it was easier to scroll as opposed to trying to concentrate on words on a page. Some of my mindless scrolling was just because it felt less selfish to zone out and digest a thirty second clip instead of losing myself to a few hours of reading.

What does this mean for January? I’d like to finish two books or my choosing, in addition to my book club reads for work. I have two books that I started that I would love to see the resolution of. “The Starter Villian” by John Scalzi in the hospital but once I got home and started doing all of the things, I kinda forgot about the book but suddenly I care about what happens to Charlie Fitzer and his cat. During some procrasti-cleaning, I picked up “Family Lore’ by Elizabeth Acevedo and got really invested in the lives of Flor and her sisters. I am curious about a family full of women and magic and a wake.

SEE: With my immune system shot, peopling is not really in the cards for me at this time. Also, it’s January and it’s cold and it’s been enough of a challenge getting to and from work and appointments so adding other things feels like work. Despite my bitter complaining about being forced to slow down when I was recovering, I am going to take advantage of the slow of January and lean into the downtime. (And I do recognize the blatant hypocrisy of me slowing down now when I fought like hell against the slow of my recovery.)

What does this mean for January? More time seeing myself getting used to slowing down and leaning into the quiet of January.

COOK: My first project is working my way through my cookbooks, in particular, the America’s Test Kitchen Everyday Bread book. I had weeded through my cookbook collection, which was no small feat because I am a hoarder. I kept the ones that I constantly refer to when I am looking for ideas for dinner, boxed the ones that I know I won’t use. I will use and consume bread, so it made sense to start with this book. During the pandemic I took a virtual class to learn how to make bread and for a while fresh bread was had each week. I stopped baking bread because sometimes it felt like a chore, or no one ate the bread and then we had hard rocks in the fridge. Since January can be so bitter and dark, it would be a pleasure to have the house smelling like warm crusty bread and since I want pizza all of the time, no hyperbole, having dough on hand would be so convenient. This book makes bread recipes accessible, and I’d feel like I was getting my money’s worth if I actually use this book.

What does this mean for January? In my Oprah voice, “BREAD!!!” I’m hoping I can get quality biscuits, rolls, and pizza dough down by the end of the month.

DO: I made a sweater last year and this has empowered me to want to do more. I always say that I want to be the person who has a yarnthing at the ready and realize that in order to be this person that I actually have to knit (or crochet but mostly knit). I don’t need to have a store front to sell things, but I can enjoy the process and make beautiful things for folks.

What does this mean for January? Actually working through my stash and completing items. I did a purge of books and patterns that I wasn’t using and the things leftover inspired me to complete some projects. I used to be a project over process person but I think I’ll slow it down and enjoy the process. I’ve started a new sweater and I am loving each stitch and the process of watching a ball of yarn go from string to wearable object.

You can follow my progress here or over on Insta (I’m there as @sayitrahshay).

But first, it’s your turn…tell me…do you do bucket lists, resolutions or something else? What is your 2024 looking like?


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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