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Flexy February ’24

The renal team has cleared me to workout and I have been slowly trying to make a plan and do what makes sense for me.

Another One About Resolutions

The me entering 2024 is, as friend told me earlier this week, a 2.0 version of myself. Instead of my resolutions being punitive (lose weight! save money! be better!) my thoughts have turned to enhancing the version of Rachée that I am with activities and ideas that bring me joy.

Renewed Strength: My Guide to Working Out Post Kidney Transplant

We’re getting back on the road…or not. A week or so ago my nephrology team gave me the go ahead to work out and I was so all, “It’s on baby!” Ambitious Rachee planned to either ride my bike daily or go for walks (which would lead to wogging which would lead to running and then lead to a race),…

Post Op Things: Returning to Work and Letting Go of Guilt

As I prep for the week, I realize that working through my feelings is something that I need to lean into and allow to happen. It’s uncomfortable and quite a feeling but as my friend said, I am a new woman built for shenanigans and with extra parts. 

Choosing Kindness

We’ve all heard, don’t sweat the small stuff but when all the small stuff feels big, it can be easy to start allowing some of the negatives to trickle in and in reality, most situations are not even worthy of us flying off the handle.