August Crafting Wins: Knitting and Crocheting

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The end of August was a good month to play with yarn. I was able to use the act of knitting as convalescing time when I wasn’t feeling well and it was fruitful end to the month.

Some of my inspiration was from some new tools.  I won an Instagram contest and received the Lykke Driftwood Interchangeable Gift Set in Black Leather. This needle set is lightweight and so comfy to work with. It’s like the yarn just knits itself up!

Use my affiliate link to get a set for yourself!

August Crafting Wins: Knitting and CrochetingAugust Crafting Wins: Knitting and Crocheting

A site I follow on Instagram, The Sexy Knitter, released a set of Star Trek stitch markers. I Have come to love the power of stitch markers…taking the guess work out of where my round starts, where I need to increase, switch stitches, colors. Plus, Live Long and Prosper dude!

August Crafting Wins: Knitting and Crocheting

I also took a moment to go through my stash and found some WIPs, needles that I had misplaced and some other notions that I used to ignore but now realize that are quite helpful for when I a working up a thing.

August Crafting Wins: Knitting and Crocheting

Lil is helping me organize things



The result?

A plethora of items off the hooks and needles!

A lot of projects were with bulky yarn, something I love to craft with because it works up so quickly. Instant gratification and all.

August Crafting Wins: Knitting and Crocheting

One thing I am doing this month is keeping a knitting journal. I have been writing out patterns and writing notes as I work up patterns. It is a bit time consuming and I *could* just print the pattern and make notes but a fellow knitter shared her note book with me and I’ve always wanted to give the book a try. I bought a pattern a few days ago, a 21 color hat, and took a few minutes to write some notes for how I wanted to add recreate the pattern.

So, what are your September crafting goals?


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  1. I wish I had yarn that practically knitted itself up! The last time I attempted crocheting, I got frustrated because I take to long in between starting and actually finishing a project. This month I’m taking a class on how to work my Cricut Air.

    1. Rachee says:

      It’s the needles! They are so lightweight and lovely to work with!

  2. You are so talented. I can crochet a little but not well enough to gift to anyone. I’d like to learn to knit.

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