Write a Review Wednesday: The Day Leo Said I Hate You!

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Poor Leo! All day long he is constantly hearing “No!” from his mother. When Leo throws the ultimate temper tantrum and utters the words, “I hate you” to his mother, he is taught the power of using words that are hurtful and the unconditional love thatparents have for their children.

Robie Harris’s book, The Day Leo Said I Hate You!” is excellent! As a mother I know there are probably times when The Bee feels powerless in how she can express herself. This book allows discussion for words that are hurtful and for positive ways to express oneself.

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The text is brilliant! Along with the illustrations by the wonderful Molly Bang , the reader is shown Leo’s emotions as he goes from calm to angry as his frustration increases. Each time Leo is told NO the illustrations seem to show his increased frustration from a simply illustrated, “No!” to a fiery red, “NO!”

General considerations:
I love this book!*  Children (and adults) may not like it but the word ‘NO” has to be used from time to time. This book lets children know that while they may not like to hear it, the word ‘No’ is not merely an evil parent’s delight but often necessary to set limits and boundaries and to enforce some rules. Parents can also give children the power to express themselves in an appropriate productive manner. I am pleased that this books shows the consequence of Leo’s behavior. His mother is indeed hurt by his words and lets Leo know in a manner that allows him to apologize and still express himself. 

I think this book would pair quite nicely with Molly Bang’s When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry and is very useful in giving a voice to little ones who may other wise feel powerless.

This book was purchased for my library and you can either check it out from YOUR local library or visit Little Brown Books.

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*I love all of the books that I’ve reviewed so far. I love books!


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