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I have publicly acknowledged the 189 pound elephant in the room. I have acknowledged that I am ready to do something about it. I have counseled myself that I just need to start, take my time and that I will see results.
I am terrified.
Even as I type I realize that I sound ridiculous, psyching myself out for failure before I even begin. I’ve been down this road so many times before: I want to lose weight, I work at losing weight and sometimes even see results but some thing will come between me and my plan and BOOM! it’s all over.
Well, I vowed to Look Better Naked and by every safe and healthy option available doggone it, I’m gonna.
My weight and diet related resolutions for this 2011:

10. Train for and complete the Philadelphia half marathon. This year I would like to complete the 13.1 miles in less than three hours. Don’t scoff. The very first race I participated in I came in at 3:29. The marathon fiasco of 2009…it was like I was at work.

9. Keep a food diary. This feels more like a ‘come on! type of resolution but I think when I have to be accountable for what I put in my body I will make more informed and positive choices. Instead of three tablespoons of creamer I will learn to appreciate my coffee less sweet.

8. Do some sort of movement daily. Recently I have gotten so sedentary! I have reached that point at work where I know and appreciate the routine of the day. The prepping that normally took hours can be done in half the time. I spend an awful lot of time hiding sitting at my desk. I am going to dedicate some of my prep time to activity that requires me to remove myself from my desk for more than the time it takes me to pee. (Gross but necessary!)

Don’t stop here…

…keep reading!

7. Eat more fruit and veggies. This too feels like a cheat resolution but I realized that I do not eat nearly Five a day. Heck, I barely eat one a day! Instead of the easier chips and chocolate option I will have an apple or an orange or some other fruit.

6. Borrow, use and blog about the DVDs available at my work. I have access to a plethora of DVDs and fitness things available to me and yet I keep waiting for someday, another time or the magical land of soon to actually use them. Instead of just talking about it, I am going to be about it…Each week I will take a DVD or Fit kit home to use. I can slide in more blogging (!), get fit and boost circ numbers.

5b. Plan better. Even as I type I realize that it’s lunchtime and I did not bring any. Sure, sure I had planned to go home but I’m hungry NOW and there is a Dunkin’ Donuts and Wawa closer to me than my house at this moment. And while I did hit the market over the weekend, I am so hungry that I will probably stuff myself silly with anything I can get my hands on instead of the beans simmering in my crock pot or the other lunch items that I have.

5a. Watch where I eat. Instead of eating willy nilly wherever I can grab and gobble I will be mindful of where I eat. No food in the car, at my desk, standing, community food or other quick laces to inhale food stuffs. At a table, proper silverware and the like.

4. Forgive myself! My plan for this morning was to wake up and do Disco Abs with Cheryl Burke. 5AM found me hitting snooze until The Bee asked me if she could change the channel an hour later. My usual MO was to make myself feel bad, denigrate myself and nervously nosh. Instead when I leave work I will pop in the DVD and work my mid section before heading out tonight with Effin Guy.

3. Use it or lose it. My gym membership. Yes, it’s only ten dollars a month but it may as well be ten THOUSAND dollars each month since I am not using it. I’ll give myself until February tenth, a month to use it and then if I don’t get my butt there I’m cancelling my membership. Effin Guy has a membership…perhaps we could start a night out at the gym first? Hmmmmm…..

2. Sign up for a 5k for March. My friend Bookwoman signed up for several races so that she could maintain her training. Due to my piss poor financial skills, total lack of time management as well as a large case of the idonwannas I slid way off the track and worked on a stage two decubitis while sitting on my couch. Instead of monthly races I think I am going to train for once for March. Mainly it’s too damn cold to be running outside, I am in NO condition to run, jog, wog or quick step and all of my couch to 5K programs run for 8-10 weeks. March is about 8-10 weeks away and I can get my rear in gear and actually prepare and train properly. The run I found that sounds good is the 2011 Fight for Air. The Bee’s asthma is as good a reason as any to raise money for a cause (I will be linking up a donation thingy…see me soon!)

Why We Climb

When you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, you help save lives today and keep America healthy tomorrow.  Watch the video of last year’s climb and see why you should challenge yourself to climb the 50-flights to the top of Three Logan Square in support of the lifesaving work of the American Lung Association! 

1. Just do it! Instead of talking, making plans and the like this year I will follow my sister’s favorite saying: Don’t talk about it, BE about it! So instead of dreaming for arms like Tina, legs like Beyonce and the ability to walk up the stairs without getting winded I am going to move, shake and get up.

What say you?
What are you going to do this year to break the cycle?


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