Thoughtful Tuesdays: It’s almost 2011…do you know what you’ll be?

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It’s the second most wonderful time of the year*. It’s the end of the old, beginning of the new when there seems to be possibilities abound. When that list that’s taped to your fridge, tucked into your wallet or jammed into your purse (or satchel if you’re a dude) can be dusted off, revamped and revisited for what seemed to be the beginning of a new grasp of hope. I’m talking about resolutions. They are goals masked as something else as they have a new name and as another year ends the new dawns and makes all things seem possible.

Falling prey to the resolution game, I make a list that I vow to keep yet by mid January I slack off only to give it the big all in and try and work the list well into the merry land of February (one year I made it to The Bee’s birthday!) and alas I slack off and then it’s my normal cycle of guilt, anguish and shame**.  And not to let my trifecta of feelings go to pot I thought I would give it a go again. As I scanned my Twitter feed I saw this post from Chat a Little Chat  about resolutions that spoke to me and I thought I’d give 2011 a top ten of things to make me a different, not better, Rachee.

10. Get to bed by 11. I blatantly stole this from her but gave myself an hour. I like 10PM TV.

9. Finish unpacking. Yes I moved in September. Yes. There are still boxes of crap in my house.

8. Organize the weeks months years of ‘educational tidbits’ that I’ve been hoarding
 in the hopes of sharing them with The Bee and Dill (who are now both too old) and Arboo (also too old).
This year if I don’t use it then I’m recycling or just dumping, uh DONATING at the daycare down the street.

7. Use my plethora of talents to get paid. I do plenty of things well but none generate an income. That all changes. The lot of UFOs, writing things and the like are going to be income generating or else become a little less of my focus!

6. Actually Look Better Naked. I will dedicate a post over there with details about how I plan to make myself look better when I step from the shower.

5. Keep up the mommy time with The Bee. She tried to hit the ‘You don’t spend time with me!’ line today and I’ve something to combat that. We are so doing black out nights this year. No Smart phones, video games, TV et al (maybe some music cause she had the audacity to say Beyonce sounded better than Ella Fitzgerald!). We are finally breaking out the board games (Hello Kitty Monopoly!), the art sets and using the supplies for crafts that I have also been hoarding, er saving.

4. Teach myself how to knit. I still feel like I’m cheating on crochet but I’ll live. No, I won’t be stealing Buffy’s needles but I will bust out the set The Bee has, dusting off that CD ROM and learning a knit from a purl.

3. Have a housewarming and dinner party (ies). See above about when I moved but yes, yes…I promised no less than 8 people dinner over the last year and armed with my crock pot, mixer and tea kettle I plan on making it happen.

2. Return my library books on time. You’d think since I work at one I would actually be a little more responsible. WRONG! I think I’m a fugitive at a few now [shifty look around]. No more checking out the limit. I will actually follow the line I use with others: I will take out only as many as I can remember to return.

1. Relax! Seriously! No sweating the small stuff, no jumping off the handle, worrying about stuff I cannot possibly control and the like. Just gonna woosah my way through 2011.

How about you friends?
What say you for your 2011 resolutions if you make them?
Also, what say you if you don’t?

Looking for lost library books,

*Well third if you count my birthday.
**Sorry for the run on sentence!


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  1. Carole Denise says:

    Happy New Year Rachee…thanks for the nod to…let‘s try to check in with each other in February to see how we’re doing on our “betterment”…Carole Denise

  2. Carole Denise says:

    Happy New Year Rachee…thanks for the nod to…let‘s try to check in with each other in February to see how we’re doing on our “betterment”…Carole Denise

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