Write a Review Wednesday: Katie Loves the Kittens

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Who doesn’t love a new pet? In John Himmelman’s book Katie Loves the Kittens, Katie the dog sure enjoys Sara Ann’s three new kittens. Katie enjoys them so much that she scares the three new pets with her attention! Katie means well but it’s not until she learns how to calmly behave with the kitties that all of the animals become friends.

This book will ease the most jaded new sibling book reader. With so many new sibling books showing jealousy and anger towards the new arrival, here is a welcome change: over zealous siblings longing to help. The initial excitement and desire Katie has to be with the kittens is not diminished and the kitten’s eventual response leads to a happy ending. Sara Ann’s behavior is also lovely. Instead of punishing Katie, she gently reminds her to be gentle with the kittens, praising the dog when the kittens respond.
John Himmelman’s illustrations are so much fun to view! The looks on the kittens’ faces are priceless as they fall victim to Katie’s love and affection. The cover is enough to draw in any child, as Katie’s bliss is paired with the kittens’ despair.

This book will read aloud well with a group but I think a smaller setting will be useful in order to fully appreciate the illustrations and facial expressions more. This book will be shared during a book group for children 4-7 along during our Martha Speaks Read Aloud Book Club.
If you would like to read this book please visit your local library or the Macmillan website for your own copy.


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