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Friends can sometimes be overwhelming as demonstrated in Pam Smallcomb’s Evelyn’s best friend observes that Evelyn can be lots of things:  an Arctic explorer, a fashionista, dramatically creative and while she is not. However the best friend soon discovers that friends can different interests and still get along just fine. 
Ah! How often have we compared our ‘faults’ to our friends yet we fail to notice the positive aspects within our selves?  I’m Not invites readers to realize that sometimes friends don’t have to compete or be perfect in the same thing. Robert Weinstock’s illustrations are the perfect pairing to this sweet book for children.  The drawings are fun to look and and are great; they channel James Marshall which makes the book even more dear. 

General Considerations:
This book will work great with a group as they can keep chanting, “I’m not” along with our dinosaur friends. This book will also encourage children to not negatively look at the things that they cannot do but to celebrate the areas where they excel. Children will be encouraged to embrace the positive parts of what makes them unique.

This book is available at your local library or online through Random House Kids.

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